Sep 30, 2023

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1) FD3 Windom (40/20/15/10)
In the February 1996 issue of QST, Bill Wright G0FAH produced a nice article on the FD3 windom, off center feb dipole fed with 300 Ohm ladder line. The very compact 70 ft long antenna will tune 40/20 and 10 meters with a 4:1 balun and 15 meters with a 1:1.
2) Multiband Fan Dipole (80/40/20/10)
Nice article about the fan dipole on Ham Universe discussing constructions recommendations stemming from research done by Standford Research Institute (SRI) and element seperation. Stretching nearly 120 feet, this is more difficult to hide in my antenna restricted neighborhood than the short FD3.
3) Multiband Hex Beam (20/17/15/10)
   HB Arrived April 5, 2012
   HB Assembled April 12, 2012
   Initial Use April 28, 2012
Keeping with the great work of K4KIO and the newer Broad Band Hexagonal Beam I have one of these in the works. This will be a contest day and field day antenna that is easily and quickly deployed providing for a directional antenna when needed.
4) Multiband Mobile Antenna (80/40/20/10
If have spent any time looking around Alen Applegates, K0BG, great website then you have seen pictures of Jerry Clements impressive mobile antenna work. Hope to start on a similar mobile multiband antenna soon... on the list.

Home > Antenna Projects

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